Miserable Musing.

Life and other annoyances.

I’m with Stupid.

Behold! We have entered a new age! Leave your sensibilities by the door, perch your dunces cap atop the vast and vacuous turnip that you call your head, and drool your way through a pointless and unrewarding existence, because we... Continue Reading →


Farewell to the X Factor

Today is a very sad day indeed. I have literally been forced by the pained screams that emanate from the dark recesses of my mind to write about this years X-Factor. I could’ve chosen a more exciting or important subject... Continue Reading →

Everybody Hates Us.

String up the celebratory bunting, dust off the glitter cannons and book the three remaining (and least entertaining) Spice Girls to headline the party of a lifetime, because us Brits are winners! Yeah sure we did very well at the... Continue Reading →

This is 40…..ish.

I know it’s only a number but by this time next year I will be forty, and I was still so bummed out about turning thirty that I honestly didn’t see this coming. My thirties have served me up with... Continue Reading →

Enter the new Dragon!

  I had this very bizarre, but very real dream last night. I arranged with a group of friends to meet up later that evening at the train station, before going on to a nightclub in town. With the time... Continue Reading →

Where there’s blame, there’s your name.

  During the time since I posted my last blog I have devised a very clever little game, to while away those precious hours that should be being used for more constructive pursuits. The rules to this game are very... Continue Reading →

Close Encounters of the turd kind.

Close Encounters of the turd kind..

I’m here to talk to you today about Alien abduction, you know, that thing that happens when extra terrestrial beings force an overweight hillbilly to lie on table and forcefully insert probes into their abductees’ bottom. I naively believed this... Continue Reading →

It aint over until the bearded lady sings – A Eurovision review.

Now that the dust has settled, the flags have all been stored away safely, and those in the glitter cannon rental business sit and ponder how on earth they will make any profit throughout the next 364 days, we say... Continue Reading →

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